Friday, December 28, 2018

Preschool PEAS Winter/Spring 2019

Introducing the upcoming themes & schedule for our Preschool PEAS classes!

Preschool PEAS is a class for preschool aged children 4 and 5 years old. PEAS stands for PlayExploreActive, and Sensory. This class is all about hands-on learning and FUN with an emphasis on learning through play, exploring the world around us, being active and learning through movement, and providing sensory activities that enhance learning and development. Every class will consist of a story time, movement/large motor activity, art/fine motor activity, sensory exploration, and fun with friends!

Preschool PEAS classes are 1 hour themed experiences for 4 and 5 year olds on specific Wednesdays each month. Parent participation is not required but may be requested if needed. Each class is $12 (or $70 for the whole session). All classes are held at our Rochelle location 507 4th Ave. Classes have a maximum capacity of 6 children. 

Can You Build It?
Wednesday January 30th 4:00p- 5:00p
Practice math skills like counting, sorting, and patterns with different building materials. We will be exercising both fine motor and gross motor skills by building with Legos, wooden blocks, play dough and more!

Will You Be My Friend?
Wednesday February 13th 4:00p- 5:00p
Enjoy some social learning play with new friends in this class. We will be practicing social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and working as a group though stories, songs, and a collaborative art project! 

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
Wednesday February 27th 4:00p- 5:00p
We will honor our favorite author by reading some of his best books, and creating book-inspired art.

Wacky Weather
Wednesday March 20th 4:00p- 5:00p
Explore the world around you by experiencing all kinds of weather in just one hour! From rain to snow, sunny to windy, what kind of weather will we encounter next?

Deep in the Jungle
Wednesday April 3rd 4:00p- 5:00p
Learn about the rainforest and the animals who live there. Come prepared to slither like a snake and see if you can move through jungle vines like a monkey!

Chicka Chicka ABC
Wednesday April 24th 4:00p- 5:00p
The letters of the alphabet are up to some silly things! We will be reading fun stories that encourage letter identification, as well as art projects that will encourage writing and knowing the letters in our names.

We Are Incredible!
Wednesday May 8th 4:00p- 5:00p
Wear your favorite super hero costume as we explore what amazing things we can do! Learn about the human body, and see how unique and SUPER each of us is!

Sign up for classes HERE. $12 per class, or sign up for the whole session for $70 ($10/class)

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