Monday, April 4, 2016

Things That Go!

We had so much fun last week learning about cars, planes, tractors, and trains and other THINGS THAT GO! 

One of our favorite lap bounces in circle time class is Dump Truck! This is a fun activity for babies and bigger toddlers too. Your little one sits on your lap (facing you), hold them in a sitting position with your hands under their arms.

Dump Truck (lap bounce)
Dump Truck Dump Truck, Going down the road (gently bounce up and down)
Spillin' gravel as we travel, with our heavy load (sway side to side)
Bumpity Bump, Bumpity Bump (bounce again)
Dump Truck DUUMMPPP (lay baby down on your legs and tickle head to toe!)

We had fun with a book about a very busy tractor. We listened to the words and felt the rhythm of the song. Here is a fun video featuring the song and illustrations from the book Ms. Sarah shared in class! (get your own copy of the book through the link below!)
 Watch it with your little one and bounce the beat with them or tap their back while you sing along! Learning about rhythm and beat is essential for early literacy development! 

*You're welcome for getting this song forever in your head! Haha!

Book List:

Things That Go Flashcards

Driving My Tractor (book and CD)

Continue the fun at home with some toy cars! Our favorites (like the ones we used in class) are the Little People Wheelies, they are perfect for little hands! Drive your cars around the floor, up and down your baby's arms or legs. Your happy tot will love toy cars (like hot wheels you can find at the dollar store!) added to playdoh fun or with fingerpaint to make cool tracks!

Be sure to visit the Happy Babies Things That Go pinterest board for even MORE fun ideas for learning at home!

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