Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It's Spring Break!

Missing class? Thanks to our new youtube channel you can sing along with Ms. Sarah! 
Sing the Hello Songs with your little one!

Happy Babies Hello Song:

Happy Tots Hello Song:

Springtime is a wonderful opportunity to encourage your little one to explore their environment and encourage language development! Take your child outside! Let your toddler explore the backyard and take a walk. Allow them to walk on their own and be patient as they explore every little blade of grass or teeny bug they discover. Put on some boots and let them splash in puddles! Take baby out for a walk in a carrier or stroller. Talk to your child about all the different things you notice outside. Point out the budding trees and flowers starting to peek out, go on a bug hunt and listen for the birds. Talk about the rain and sing itsy bitsy spider. Enjoy this time with your little one while you watch them be fascinated with the world around them!

Found at Kitchen Counter Chronicle

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