Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cat Week at Happy Babies

A few weeks ago we had CAT WEEK at Happy Babies classes! 
We had so much fun learning about small kittens and BIG Lions! 

We used our small cat beanie toys to practice soft, gentle touches. Practice that at home! Whether you use a stuffed animal or your pet, teach soft touches and the need to be gentle with animals. 

We practiced our soft cat "meow" and our big lion "roar" 
Hear are a couple songs we sang in class that you can sing with your little one while playing at home!

My Cat Says Meow
Tune: Farmer in the Dell
My cat says, "Meow",
My cat says, "Meow".
She likes to purr
And run and play.
My cat says, "Meow."

I'm a Lion
Tune: 3 Blind Mice
I'm a Lion, I'm a Lion
Hear me roar, Hear me roar
I love to sleep out in the sun,
and chase other animals just for fun.
In all of the jungle, I'm number one!
I'm a Lion.

The concept of BIG and small is something you 
can encourage every day!
While playing with your baby, 
label things out loud as being big or small.

A fun game you can play with your baby is So Big.
 How big is Baby? Is she, sooooo big? 
(reach baby's hands over his head or 
encourage your tot to reach up tall)

Book List

That's Not My Lion

I Love Kittens (Touch and Feel)

Have You Seen My Cat? (A Slide and Peek Board Book)

Browse the Happy Babies Cats (Big & Small) Pinterest board to continue the fun at home!

During Cat Week at Happy Babies, we held a kitten food donation drive for 9 baby kittens who were recently brought to Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Rockford. 
Thank you to all of our Happy Families who brought in food to class!

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