Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from my family to yours!

Our Spring Break is over and we are BACK to class this week!! 
Join us as we explore Things that GO!

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If your punch card is full or you have yet to join us for class this session, I am offering a 1/2 session SPECIAL for the last seven weeks of the session: 7 classes for $30. You can choose that option on the online registration form or let me know that's what you'd like to do when you sign in at class next week!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It's Spring Break!

Missing class? Thanks to our new youtube channel you can sing along with Ms. Sarah! 
Sing the Hello Songs with your little one!

Happy Babies Hello Song:

Happy Tots Hello Song:

Springtime is a wonderful opportunity to encourage your little one to explore their environment and encourage language development! Take your child outside! Let your toddler explore the backyard and take a walk. Allow them to walk on their own and be patient as they explore every little blade of grass or teeny bug they discover. Put on some boots and let them splash in puddles! Take baby out for a walk in a carrier or stroller. Talk to your child about all the different things you notice outside. Point out the budding trees and flowers starting to peek out, go on a bug hunt and listen for the birds. Talk about the rain and sing itsy bitsy spider. Enjoy this time with your little one while you watch them be fascinated with the world around them!

Found at Kitchen Counter Chronicle

For more fun Spring ideas check out the Happy Babies 

Book List:
Bright Baby Touch & Feel Spring
Lift-The-Flap Baby Loves Spring
Spring is Here 

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cat Week at Happy Babies

A few weeks ago we had CAT WEEK at Happy Babies classes! 
We had so much fun learning about small kittens and BIG Lions! 

We used our small cat beanie toys to practice soft, gentle touches. Practice that at home! Whether you use a stuffed animal or your pet, teach soft touches and the need to be gentle with animals. 

We practiced our soft cat "meow" and our big lion "roar" 
Hear are a couple songs we sang in class that you can sing with your little one while playing at home!

My Cat Says Meow
Tune: Farmer in the Dell
My cat says, "Meow",
My cat says, "Meow".
She likes to purr
And run and play.
My cat says, "Meow."

I'm a Lion
Tune: 3 Blind Mice
I'm a Lion, I'm a Lion
Hear me roar, Hear me roar
I love to sleep out in the sun,
and chase other animals just for fun.
In all of the jungle, I'm number one!
I'm a Lion.

The concept of BIG and small is something you 
can encourage every day!
While playing with your baby, 
label things out loud as being big or small.

A fun game you can play with your baby is So Big.
 How big is Baby? Is she, sooooo big? 
(reach baby's hands over his head or 
encourage your tot to reach up tall)

Book List

That's Not My Lion

I Love Kittens (Touch and Feel)

Have You Seen My Cat? (A Slide and Peek Board Book)

Browse the Happy Babies Cats (Big & Small) Pinterest board to continue the fun at home!

During Cat Week at Happy Babies, we held a kitten food donation drive for 9 baby kittens who were recently brought to Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Rockford. 
Thank you to all of our Happy Families who brought in food to class!

Monday, March 7, 2016

NO Happy Babies Classes This Week

Hello Happy Families!
I regretfully will have to cancel all classes this week. Over the weekend I injured ligaments in both of my knees and I am not doing so well!
Also, this is a reminder that there will be no classes for spring break March 14th- 24th. These weeks were predetermined as a spring break in the session before it began. (Which kind of works out and will also give me time to heal and not have to cancel even more classes.)
So I will see you all in 3 weeks! I will miss seeing all of your little ones but look forward to starting classes back up again the week of March 28th! Thank you for your understanding.
-Ms. Sarah