Saturday, February 6, 2016

Explore Sun, Moon, and Stars

Last week we had fun exploring the sun, moon, and stars in Happy Babies circle time class!

Keep the learning going at home! Sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star during bathtime, after a diaper change, or during potty learning. 

Take a white paper plate and encourage your little one to color it yellow. Provide them with a yellow crayon or homemade fingerpaint. Babies can be introduced to crayons around 9 months, with close supervision as they will of course need to explore it with their mouths! 

Take your brightly colored yellow sun and use it to sing Oh Mr. Sun

Oh Mr. Sun. Sun. Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me!
Oh Mr. Sun. Sun. Mr. Golden Sun, hiding behind a tree.
This happy baby is asking you, 
to please come out so we can play with you.
Oh Mr. Sun. Sun. Mr. Golden Sun,
Please shine down on me!

Do you remember the signs we learned for STARS and MOON? 
Here is a helpful video to remind you, and a fun rhyme for practicing at home with your little one!

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Visit the Happy Babies Sun, Moon, and Stars pinterest board 
for more fun activities to do at home!
I love this You Are My Sunshine footprint canvas project 

See you next week!
-Ms. Sarah

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