Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter Session Announcement!

Greetings from the arctic! 

See that forecast for tomorrow? That red box is the time that Happy Babies classes are supposed to start. It's going to feel like -27 degrees outside! When I cancelled class on Tuesday, the forecast had Thursday as being 30 degrees (at least) warmer than that! So sadly, I have made the decision to cancel classes for Thursday January 8th. I want all of our Happy Babies to stay safe and this extreme cold is dangerous for the little ones (and big ones too).

So with all classes having been cancelled this week, the winter session of Happy Babies will simply begin next week with our session now ending a week later.

Happy Babies Winter 2015 Session: 
January 13th- March 19th. 

I should have known better when I planned a winter wonder and arctic animal theme for classes this week! I didn't want to explore it for REAL! On the bright side, when we sing about penguins next week you will all know what it feels like to be one! 

Stay safe out there tonight and tomorrow Happy Families! 
Better yet, don't go "out there" and have some indoor snuggle time!

If you don't have a choice make sure you bundle up!

See you next week everyone!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Classes Cancelled Tuesday January 6th

Due to the frigid cold weather making it feel like negative double digits outside today, the Tuesday afternoon Happy Babies and Happy Tots classes will be cancelled. Please keep your little ones safe and cozy warm inside today!

Come join us for classes on Thursday morning this week! Happy Babies is from 10-1030a and Happy Tots is 10:45-11:15a. I hope to see you there, if not I will see you next week!